Want To Spruce Up Your Design, But Dealing With A Tight Budget? These Free Resources May Be Perfect For You


Design is such an important aspect of online communications, yet many of us aren’t exactly experts in the field. Luckily, there are many free resources out there to help us overcome our design barriers and produce visually appealing content.

In a recent article posted on LINE25, titled 51 free Web Design Resources Guaranteed To Help You Design Better, we learn about some new and useful design resources. I will not go into all 51, but I will tackle 3 giving my user review. But, if the 3 resources aren’t enough, be sure to check out the complete list in the original article by clicking here.


Dribble is an amazing website that allows users to up their design game by including various free images. Users can choose from photos to icons to illustrations and more. One useful feature is that, like paid licensing organizations (i.e. Shutterstock), Dribble allows users to download the image in multiple formats such as a PNG file, an Adobe Photoshop file, an Adobe Illustrator file and more. This feature is important because it allows users to manipulate the image. For example, I downloaded a bunch of icons, but I only want one. If I only received the PNG file I wouldn’t be able to only access this one icon. I need access to the original design files such as Photoshop or Illustrator to select individual parts of the downloaded image. For graphics, like photos, this isn’t as much as an issue because you can just download and use as is.

Overall, it was very easy for me to find an image I wanted, and the download process was also simple. I do suggest keeping an eye on the attribution rules because different items for download have different rules.


I was able to download all these icons from Dribble, to download for yourself click here.


Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha is a design resource that has both free and premium content. The website has a nice interface and users can easily tell what content is free because the menu bar has “Freebie” listed as an option. When I selected the Freebie button, I got a drop-down menu of categories to choose from. I was surprised by how many different offering categories there were. I selected “Icons” from the drop-down since that is the category I decided to use on Dribble. I then selected from the free icon options. After making the selection I was prompted to download. One of the great parts of this site was that it told me before downloading what format the image would come in and its size (you can see this in the image below).

After download, my icons were saved in a folder to my computer. The icons could be accessed in different file formats, which was very helpful. Another impressive feature was that the icons were saved individually as PNG files. The reason this is impressive is because usually the image is saved with all the icons visible in one chart-like photo, which cannot be manipulated. With this download all the icons we saved individually and named accordingly, which was super helpful.


You can see all the download information for your selected graphic. To find out more about Pixel Buddha click here.

Overall, this resource was very easy to use, and I would recommend it to those looking to amp up their design presence. My only caution for using this resource is that there are not that many graphic options to choose from within the freebie categories. But, if you can find something that works for you, then its great because it is free!


This resource is by far my favorite. WebDesignDev is a blog that provides insight and free content. The site makes lists of top free resources to download. Some include PSD (Photoshop) templates, heading fonts, PSD payment buttons and more. To me, this site has unlimited potential because it provides a variety of resources for a range of uses.

So for the actual download process, I selected content that I wanted and then selected download. One thing to be aware of on this site is that when you download the image you agree to attribute to the author. This means you have to copy a link and feature it on your website.

This is the link I have to use to show attribution for the image I downloaded: <a href=’http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/watercolor-badges-collection_794458.htm’>Designed by Freepik</a>.

You  may notice that it is a string of code that will say “Designed by Freepik” and will then link to the Freepik website. I added the code into my post to demonstrate what it would look like to attribute to a Freepik image.

As you see below, it is just text and a link.

Designed by Freepik.


This is the graphic is downloaded from the freepik website WebDesignDev directed me to. You can download the same grapjic by visiting the site by clicking here.

Overall this was a great resource because it allows the user to get updates on free graphics that they may not have even known existed. It is important to note that the site links to websites that house free content, such as the example above: Freepik.

In Summary…

There are many free resources out there that can help you boost your graphics game. But, do remember that just because the items are free doesn’t mean they don’t belong to someone. When using these free resources, many of them still require attribution which is essential to make sure the images are being used legally. In addition, be cautious when downloading from sites that do not seem reputable. Make sure to read up on the site before downloading to make sure you do not expose your computer to dangerous malware or viruses. Now feel free to explore the world of free graphic resources and ramp up your digital presence.


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