Interdisciplinary Arts Major: The Breakdown

IA Outreach

This is a logo I designed for the Interdisciplinary Arts major. We are often referred to as “IA Majors.” The logo demonstrated all the different aspects of art that are included in the major.

So, I am all set to graduate in two weeks! This is very exciting of course, but with graduating comes the endless questions of what is your major? What kinds of jobs will that qualify you for? Unfortunately for my family, I did not pick a self-explanatory major that sums up itself in its title. Which, I pride myself on being a complex creature anyhow. It is amusing trying to listen to them give their best efforts to explain it to others. But, to make it easier for all who want to know what Interdisciplinary Arts is and why it is a successful major, I decided to provide a description from my university’s website as well as my own chosen path.

Description courtesy of Shippensburg University:

It is an ideal major for students with diverse interests and skills who want a comprehensive education in the arts and who like to “think outside of the box” by studying the arts along with other courses that suit their career aspirations, such as courses in education, business, and the social sciences. As a result, IA majors gain both a comprehensive understanding of the arts and the critical and communicative skills necessary to succeed in their chosen professions.

The IA Program at Shippensburg is unique in focusing primarily on the arts, and it is the only major of its kind among the 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Departments participating in the IA program provide students with the latest technology, small class size, which enables individualized instruction, and professors who are among the most creative and innovative members of the Shippensburg faculty.

IA Webbanner

This is a web banner ad I created for the IA program demonstrating what IA (Interdisciplinary Arts) can stand for. It is the “I Am…” campaign where the individual can fill in the blank.

What can you focus on?

For this major there are many possibilities in what you can focus on. The major consists of 3 concentrations, two of which have to involve the arts. The third area is pretty open as long as you can demonstrate how it enhances your two other areas of study. The goal is to take your 3 areas and have them build on one another so you have a well-rounded program. Some students choose to go a more traditional route and focus on the arts and select art, music, and theatre as their areas of focus. But there are more art focuses than you may realize. A student can choose from…

  • Art & Design
  • English
  • Communications/Journalism
  • Film
  • Theatre
  • Music

As you can see there are many possibilities in the arts category, but students can also select an area outside of the arts, such as business, psychology, marketing, computer science, and many more.

My PathLong IA Outreach Banner

For my areas of focus I chose Art & Design, Communications/Journalism, and Business. They allowed me to gain the graphic design experience I needed along with the skills to write and develop my own content. An understanding of business was essential for me and gave me an understanding of how organizations function. I also was able to achieve 3 minors which include Art & Design, Business, and Technical/Professional Communication.

I was able to focus on the areas I wanted to build on. I now have design experience along with writing skills which are essential for any workplace. Studying Business allowed me to better understand the different departments of a business and also enhance my professional skills.

For me, my major was the perfect trifecta. I feel very prepared for the workforce and feel that I have a very diverse and marketable background.

To learn more about the Interdisciplinary Arts program visit Shippensburg University’s website.


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