Snapchat Introduces Discover

Snapchat unveiled its latest feature on the popular social sharing app. Discover is the point in the app where you can access a variety of stories from different channels. img_5039_custom-af0cf5bd1fd227539f26261c508d095391604d74-s800-c15

The key difference between this news option and other news sources is that the stories selected to the feed are chosen by editors and individuals, rather than big news channels feeding you selective information at selective times.

The feature allows you to view relevant stories in an easy to use format. The stories rely greatly on visual presence and have a specific way of entering content.

One article  titled, Snapchat Discover could be the next big thing in news since Twitter, by Kevin Roose suggests that this feature may be ground breaking for how users receive news. In the article, Roose also suggests that taking on an employee to package stories just for Snapchat Discover is wise and effective.

Since the feature is still in its infancy, it is hard to predict its longevity. If it lasts beyond the initial fascination, news producing organizations may want to consider creating content for Snapchat discover.


One thought on “Snapchat Introduces Discover

  1. as5646openminds says:

    I have to say that after I wrote this piece I started using Discover on Snapchat, and I am a huge fan. It is the perfect way for me to browse through stories when I only have a couple minutes, like when I am waiting for class to begin. The stories are very visual and the content is quite interesting. I would recommend using this feature when you are looking for some quick and interesting content.


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