Writing For The Web

To write for the web you must know how users read on the web

Studies show that readers don’t actually read on the web. Most of us prefer to skim an look for items that catch our attention. To be mindful of this evolution writers needs to try to tend to these reader needs. neilsonHere are some tips that the Nielsen Norman Group suggest in its article How Users Read on the Web.

  • Create scannable text for the reader
  • Use a “chunking” style format to break up text
  • Make sure to incorporate plenty of USEFUL heading to help guide the reader
  • Try to stick to one topic per paragraph
  • Cut down on extra words making the work more concise
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists
  • Avoid “marketese”
  • Use the inverted pyramid style meaning you place the conclusion and main details in the beginning and progress to add additional information
  • Use links to sources and quality graphics to build your credibility with readers

Try to use some of these tips the next time you write for the web.


One thought on “Writing For The Web

  1. Lisa says:

    I tend to skim web pages for bulleted items and topics. Based on what is easily seen, I then decide if I want to read further. In most cases, I can glean what I want from captions, or the first few lines in the paragraph.


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