Homepage Analysis – COACH

Having an effective online presence is crucial for any company. It is vital to have a website that engages your audience and urges them to participate on all your platforms. For this discussion I chose COACH for my analysis. (And to be clear, I mean the actual COACH merchandise site not the discounted outlet version. You can access the homepage by going to this link. Also, I am not trying to endorse any products I just want to assess the brand’s online presence for educational purposes.)

In this analysis I am going to specifically look at the homepage including navigation, structure, and layout. I am also going to assess social media engagement and communications. I will look at additional pages and features to get an overall feel for the level of user engagement.

Homepagecoach homepage

COACH’s homepage has a very clean appearance with the main navigation bar centered at the top of the site. As you scroll down, the navigation bar is always visible while different images provide different links to unique features. The structure is very logical. At the top, you can select which category or merchandise you are looking for. There is also the option to view the latest merchandise of the season.

As you scroll down, there are many different large bold images showcasing the designer handbags. It isn’t until you enter the navigation bar that you dive into the specific details of the items available for purchase allowing the site to be more visually appealing. The site’s vertical layout and effectively centered content allows for easy viewing.

In addition, the WORLD OF COACH dropdown provides a long list of items to engage the audience. You can select to look at its magazine, which includes beautiful images and captions. The magazine reports on events and happenings within COACH. One item featured the collaborated with an artist for one merchandise line as you can see in the image below.

Coach art

The dropdown also included an events section listing all the functions and outings related to the brand, including the debut of the bags featuring the artist’s work discussed in the magazine. Having an events page gives the viewer a feeling that the company is more than just a product and a store, but an impactful entity.coach event

The COACH site also has a news section where it shows off what is happening in the industry, and reaches out past the borders of its own company displaying magazine covers and other fashion featured material. By including such material it adds to the organizations reputation and provides examples of what other brands COACH would like to be compared with. coach news

Social Media

COACH also has its bases covered on the social media front. On the homepage there is an ample list of social media platforms to connect with. I was very surprised by the vast amount. You can connect with COACH on 7 platforms! In addition to social media, visitors can connect via email where once you op-in you can receive the latest news and updates. Having such features allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest merchandise and gives them a taste of the new collections.about coach

Another way COACH is involved on social media is its use of the Twitter hash tag.  On COACH’s site there are two hash tags that can drive engagement on social media platforms. You can see below how that prompt can inspire engagement even having a link to upload a personal photo. What better way to get viewers involved than incorporating his or her own accounts of using the product? It is a win-win approach.Coach hashtag

I also found the COACH’s use of film was unique. There were several places where users could watch films throughout the site.

Coach film



Overall, I thought that for a site that primarily sells handbags, it did a great job making it seems as though it does so much more. There is a definite balance between the merchandise and the additional features. The majority of the site is visually demonstrating the merchandise in action instead of listing it in a traditional format with a description and price. I think the site is very well designed and on first impression doesn’t read “handbag seller.” COACH also demonstrated that it is involved in many social media platforms and encourages users to participate with trending tools such as the hash tag. The magazine, events page, and film all build up an online personality for COACH to engage its audience.


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