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For myself, marketing and communications have always been intertwined. I take what I learn in my communications courses and apply it to marketing campaigns at work. Marketing is about understanding who you want to contact and what strategies to use and communications is how you carry out the task of targeting the set individuals. To read more about what prompted this post check out the article The Importance of Marketing and Communication.

Why is Marketing and Communications Important For Selling?

To begin, your organization may make the best products ever but if no one knows about them what good are they? I will pull from a movie I watched this weekend (Horrible Bosses 2). In the movie the three main characters come up with their invention, the “Shower Buddy.” From a marketing standpoint it would be my duty to find out what the “Shower Buddy’s” main target shower buddyaudience would be. Who will be most likely to purchase this product? Who will be most likely to use this product? And, Where can those individuals be reached? These are all questions a marketer would seek to answer.

I can see the “Shower Buddy” making a great infomercial for the individuals who stay at home during the day or are up late at night. You can hope for an impulse buy. I think that with some snazzy explanations of what the “Shower Buddy” can do for the audience (AKA its benefits) it would sell like hot cakes (…may be exaggerating to prove the point).

Now, looking at the product from a communications standpoint one must access the proper channels to reach the intended target. This could mean devising a complete social media campaign, email blast, or TV commercial. For a product like the “Shower Buddy,” that relies on its features and benefits, they need to be fully demonstrated to show why the “Shower Buddy” beats all other shower head competition. As you can see, one process can only benefit from being involved with the other and to be successful both marketing and communications efforts must be on the same page.

Brand Awareness

To summarize, communication and marketing are important for all companies is because they increase brand awareness. To get your amazing products out there you need to make people aware and in a consistent, reputable fashion. By repeating your brand and goals your product will stick with your audience.

Company Reputation and Recruitment

In order to maintain a strong organizational reputation it is important to demonstrate consistent branding across all platforms and to show what kind or organization you are. This can include social media, where you may choose to demonstrate your organizations engagement with the community. There are many ways to show your organization’s personal side while maintaining stoic professionalism.

In addition, a strong reputation will lead to higher quality hires. When someone is applying for a job it is not unordinary for them to do some background research on the company website and social media platforms. It is crucial to have these first impression generators up to snuff. You wouldn’t want qualified applicants to pass on your job openings because your online presence isn’t professional and/or an inaccurate reflection of your organization.

I am not sure if any of these tips could have helped the “Shower Buddy” but maybe they can make a difference for your organization’s marketing and communication strategies.


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