In a recent communications class I was informed of the idea of a norg. What is a norg you ask? It is a news gathering organization or operation that is cooperative. It could be considered to be more comparable to a blog structure. The organization would be collaborative where the community can interact and become more involved. The norg is ethical and continuous, economically viable, flexible, and 1st amendment protected.Why have a norg?

If you think about it, no one knows more about what is going on in your community than those in the community. It isn’t necessary to have a large outside operation reporting on news that semi-applies to your area. A norg could release information through a blog or website format keeping the community up to date on events and happenings. In addition the norg could release information through social media sites.

Get your hyper-local news

This new format brings up the idea of hyper-local news. This is news that is narrowed down to a much smaller area than traditional news channels cover. For those of you that are local, some news channels may broadcast what is going on in the Susquehanna valley. Surly, this area can be narrowed to report in a more effective way. There may be news that focuses on just what is taking place in Harrisburg. Other news may focus on Gettysburg. The point is to have the most relevant information for those in a specific area. What do you think about the idea of a norg? Would you read norg based news over/or in addition to main broadcast news? What could a norg do for your community and its events?


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