Marketing Magic

Monday’s Marketing Magic is a podcast I created discussing marketing strategies for businesses. This week’s marketing topic is social media. In the podcast I describe the efforts made in the last six months at a growing Gettysburg business. The podcast includes an interview with Tim Snyder the Vice President of Marketing at OPEN MINDS, a market research and consulting firm that focuses on the health and human service industry. The complete interview transcript can he viewed here (Podcast Transcript).

Some of the key takeaways include the following…

Know the platforms

Before you get started it is important to understand how each of the platforms is used most commonly. For instance, Facebook remains a platforms where you place more personal content. If you are in a business it would be where you could show images and events. LinkedIn is very focused on sharing professional content and to help inform professionals as they communicate and network. Twitter, being a microblog, allows users to incorporate updates and blurbs about what is going on in their business. It is a great platform to share news and sharable content. Understanding how each platform works will help you create and distribute more effective content and ultimately be more efficient.

Know your audience

Where does your audience go to be updated with the latest information in your field? How would they prefer this information be presented to them? Only you know how your audience prefers to receive their content, but it is a safe goal to incorporate social media because its use is only increasing.

Use graphics

Graphics are vital especially on microblog sites, like twitter, that limit the amount of text you can include. Images can share more information with your audience and serve as a catchy, appealing tool. With every post I make I include an image. It isn’t hard to make a template in Photoshop that you can just write something related to your post. Having accompanying graphics leads to a more visually appealing social media site. When making a graphic make sure to stick to a 2:1 ratio making sure the height of the image is twice as wide as the height to ensure that none of the image gets cut off.

Quantity & Quality

Quality of content being distributed is very important. It is not recommended to have much if at all “salesy” material. Using too much sales jargon or content can give you a less than desirable reputation. Even though you want to make sure your content has high quality you also need to focus on quantity. The more information you distribute the more chances you have in catching a reader’s eye.

Just get started

If you are considering utilizing social media platforms just do it. Take the leap and get started. Once you get involved you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can grow your presence.

The one man show is a go

One suggestion Tim gave was to have one individual in charge of running the social media accounts. What this allows is a consistency and dependability of content. Audience members won’t be overlooked and the content will remain consistent. This doesn’t mean others cannot participate. The whole point is to encourage as many to participate from your organization as possible but you want to have one person designated to make sure the decided minimum is always being provided to your readers.

Engage your audience and members

Make sure all the members involved in your organization are aware of events and promotions. Let your members carry your flag and promote your material. Create special event hashtags on twitter to measure specific engagement.

Keep up with new tools and strategies

  1. One tool mentioned in the podcast is Click to Tweet. This tool is great for creating pre-populated tweets that you can send to members to promote your organization or to utilize in other creative ways.
  2. The second tool is the twitter widget. This is a tool that allows you to display your live twitter feed on your website. All you have to do is copy the code and insert it into your website so that your visitors can see what others are saying about your company.

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