Changes in the past decade have turned communications studies upside down. If you are a professional or a student studying communications, you have probably witnessed the shifts in how the masses communicate. Understanding these key changes can help you to be more prepared for the future. Are you ready?

The Blog

Today, the blog has a significant impact. If you would have asked professionals and teachers 10 years ago if it would be possible to be successful writing about whatever interests you, they would probably say you need to take the more traditional approach and report the news. Today how we communicate is anything but traditional. You can start a blog about anything you want and follow blogs that interest you. Before we could get our information from media sources that feed us objective, neutral material, but today you can pick a side and feed your craving for knowledge anyway you want. In addition to blogs, the general ability to meet people like you has really helped some people.

To get inspired about what the web has to offer check out this article where the web has improved a 15 year-old boy’s quality of life  Being able to find others who share the same interests can really help some to connect in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

The Future

There are many changes and it is important to see how they may affect you. The facts are that anyone can post, it is cost effective, and it is a hit. Blogging offers a low admittance barrier so it draws a large audience to participate. It is a new world where opinions and ideas are king.

This article outlines the ten changes in the last decade. These changes have and will continue to influence the way we study communications Here is another article that describes what has changes in the media in the last 10 years

Another important aspect of the changes in communication is how it is taught to future influencers. With these surprising communications changes what is taught to communications students has changed. Students need to become more flexible and be able to write creatively to grow a blog. In addition, social media presents a viral aspect where creative and experiential content has become increasingly important. Never before would I have expected writers to make a living off a blog. I never would have expected to get paid to post content to social media platforms. So much has changed and to be successful we need to keep up as much as possible. Check out this article about the changes in the way universities teach


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