That is correct! Soon you will be able to get the latest tweets on Google. Prior to 2011 tweets would show up on Google’s search engine. The relationship dissolved, but the feature is now back and making Twitter an even greater influence. This expansion for Twitter will make posting relevant content to their site even more necessary for businesses or anyone trying to get their content out there. Twitter is really trying to spread its wings since it still sits behind Facebook and Youtube in user numbers. This change is expected to start sometime within the first half of 2015.

If you are a business, you may see this as an opportunity to get your tweets out there. But I caution, if you scroll down on the report from Brafton. com  you will see that 30% of tweets are pulled from accounts with 1-3 million followers. So, if you aren’t quite hitting those numbers I wouldn’t expect your tweets to show up on Google. This development does make having a large number of Twitter followers even more influential. This new development shows how search and social platforms are not too different. If you are someone trying to enhance  your SEO, increasing your social media presence may also be an important aspect to work into your business strategy. To learn more check out the full article.


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