To follow up on my previous story, opening statements took place today for the murder of Chris Kyle and his friend. It is reported that his killer was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The defense is holding fast to the insanity plea, claiming that Routh suffers from PTSD. The prosecution feels strongly that Routh knew what he was doing when he pulled the trigger. Find out more about this developing story.

Fox news reports that Chris Kyle’s widow Taya will be called to testify on the first day of the trial. Read more.

In addition, there are many reports discussing the fact that Chris’s killer displayed concerning behavior for years. Read CNN’s Report. The family of Eddie Routh (Chris’s killer) described multiple occasions where Eddie demonstrated the effects of PTSD. His family claimed that at some points he would try to tell them he was Dracula or a werewolf. His family, in particular his mother Jodi Routh, took him several times to a veterans hospital seeking help. In the end she turned to Chris Kyle to help get through to her son.

With these developments it makes you question whether more could have been done to help Eddie deal with his demons. If he had been treated or assisted in a different way would Chris Kyle still be alive?

I hope this tragedy brings much need attention to the issues war heroes return with. It is important to raise awareness and try to stamp out the stigma that goes along with PTSD.


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